Learn to play acoustic or electric guitar!

We start from the ground up to build a solid foundation while learning fun songs that you can jam to and being challenged to write your own music!

Do you want to write and record your own music but you have no idea where to start?!

In these lessons we will cover songwriting foundations, recording/production/mixing skills, and apply what you've learned by writing and producing your own songs!

Learn to play piano/keyboard!  

We'll cover the basics like scales, reading sheet music & the modern chord sheet, while learning fun songs and being challenged to write your own music!

Learn in a group!

Group lessons are a fantastic way to learn an instrument or songwriting/recording because they allow you to grow and play with others... while costing you less!  These lessons are perfect for siblings, homeschoolers, & bands!

Rates & Booking Info

-All lessons are 50 minutes in length (half hour lessons are available for younger students upon request)

-All private lessons are $30 per lesson & groups lessons are $20 for 3, $15 for 4, & 12$ for 5, per lesson

-All lessons are available in once a week, twice a week, and twice a month scheduling options

-All lessons are available in an online format via Skype

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